Would you like to wear makeup but have no idea where to start?


Would you like to present the best version of yourself?


Do you have a special event coming up or a professional project that involves looking your best in photos or on camera?

My name is Erin,

I'm glad you found me. 

I can help

I have over 20 years of experience working in Hollywood as a professional makeup artist.  You have likely seen  my work on numerous film and television projects.  


 I frequently travel for workshops to pursue my other interests.  When people find out I am a makeup artist in the film industry they have a lot of questions.  I often end up giving them tips and recommending products that I love.  Teaching makeup and helping women and men find solutions to their specific needs is something I absolutely love doing.  I have been teaching private makeup lessons in my studio for 12 years.  I realized through my travels that I needed to find a way to teach people in their own homes. 


 I designed my online classes to be simple and straight forward, while still teaching everything you need to know and more.   With so many products to choose from makeup can be pretty overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be.  I break down everything for you so you can easily learn a makeup routine that fits your unique face and works for your life style.

Many of the women that I have helped had never worn makeup before.  Some felt they just wanted to freshen up their appearance and didn't know where to start.  Some women wanted to update their current routine, and some needed special makeup for an event.  

 I have seen that learning makeup skills can be transformative.  Women grow in confidence.  They see their unique beauty.  They learn that makeup is just a tool for expressing themselves and one that's in their control.

It's also a lot of fun! 

Join me, I look forward to helping you.


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