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About Me

I grew up in Chico CA with a family that valued art and design.  I remember drawing and painting at a young age.  I attended Chico State University to study Fine Arts Painting.  At age 25 I moved to Los Angeles and begin working in film as a set decorator.  A few years later I decided I wanted switch to the Makeup Department,  it seemed like a natural transition with my painting background.  I 1998 I begin my makeup training at Joe Blasco Makeup Center in Los Angeles, CA.  I worked hard on low budget productions with the goal of joining the Local 706 Makeup and Hairstylist.  In 2003 that dream came true and I became a union film and television makeup artist.

What I love about doing makeup for movies is how makeup helps tell a story of who the characters are.  We spend a lot of time designing the look of the makeup according to the script and what the character is going through.  Is the character strong and powerful?  Do they look put together?  Did they just wake up but still look fresh? Are they having a horrible day?  Or are they trying to portray a certain look but something is off?  Makeup helps create the story of the characters.  What I love about teaching makeup to women is that these same questions apply.  Have you ever considered that makeup tells a story about who you are?  How we choose to come across is a very personal question that I find very interesting.   Peoples choices tell their story.

These questions overlap into my other profession, Cranial Sacral Therapy.  In 2014 I started the journey of becoming a CranialSacral Therapist.  I already had a lot of  experience touching actors faces so working with the cranial bones felt pretty natural for me.  I was very  surprised to see how these seemingly very different occupations overlapped.  In both professions I am gently touching the facial structure and looking for ways to help the individual become a better version of them self.   In my CranialSacral work I help facilitate a persons self healing process and in my makeup lessons I provide options for a person to transform themselves.  

I am loving how these two modalities fit together. 

I split my time between my home in Chico Ca and Los Angles.  My schedule is often changing so it's best to sign up for my newsletter to see when my makeup classes are being offered.  My other interests include 5 rhythms dance, hula hooping, gardening and camping with my husband and dog Peanut.

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