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Lesson 3

Classes will begin in July 2020

Structured Eyes

Have you wondered if you're doing you eyes right? So often women use eyeliners and eyeshadows incorrectly and it actually makes their eyes looks smaller or overdone.  If you understand how to structure your eyes you can make the most of your eyes at any age. 

This lesson will teach you how to identify your eye shape and to how build its structure with highlight and shadow.  Learning how to properly structure of your eyes is foundational to doing a more glamours eye makeup.  

Class lengths is 2 hours and cost $25.

Space is limited to 10 participants. 

I recommend this pallet or similar colors if you have them.

I recommend this set of eyeshadow brushes or similar shaped brushes if you have them.

If you prefer to just watch your welcome to do that, you can always practice in Lesson 4 once you have your products. 

  Try to set yourself up so you have good lighting and a mirror available. 

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