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Lesson 4

Classes will begin in July 2020

 Practice Eyes 

Learning to become a makeup artist I had to practice, practice, practice!  Lucky you're only learning to do your own eye shape.  Often women get frustrated because they didn't do it perfectly the first time.  This class is all about practicing and asking questions.  

I will do a quick review of how to structure your eye and then you can follow along step by step as I do my eyes, you will need your eye makeup.

Class lengths is 2 hours and cost $25.

Space is limited to 10 participants. 

I recommend this pallet or similar colors if you have them.

I recommend this set of eyeshadow brushes or similar shaped brushes if you have them.

Here is a link to all the brushesrecommend, you may want to purchase everything you want at once because they give a 15 percent discount on the first order.

 Set yourself up so you have good lighting and a mirror available.  It's best to have a free standing mirror that is large enough to see your whole face as apposed to using a small hand mirror.

You will want your computer at eye level so I can see your eye shape.  When you're looking up or down at your computer it changes the angle of your eye.

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