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Makeup Lesson 2: Eyeshadow Palettes

Updated: Jun 12, 2020

For Lesson 2: the Fresh-Face Look, I will be using Tarte Eyeshadow Palettes. You can always use your palette of choice for the lessons you take with me. But you will want to have a range of matte colors from light to dark, similar to the pictures below. You might like to have the exact pallet I am using so that you can follow along step by step. I recommend Tarte Cosmetics. They are a staple in my makeup kit. I love their philosophy and I've never had a problem with their products irritating the eyes. You should avoid buying your makeup on Amazon because there are a lot of counterfeit products. If you do buy from Amazon make sure it is a reputable company. I find that if you buy directly from the company's website they often have sales that you can take advantage of. You could also buy these products at Sephora.

I love the color range in both of these pallets.

Either one is a great choice.

The Tartelette In Bloom Palette is fun and has some shimmer colors if you want to do a more glamorous look.

The Tartlelette Amazonian Palette has all matte colors and is also a great choice. I will be referring to both palettes during the makeup lessons.

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