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"I participated in Erin Wooldridge's Promake-up Tips classes and LOVED what I learned!  Erin takes the time to explain techniques clearly and has the best product recommendations!   I have taken what I have learned from Erin and applied it to action in my daily life, which is very rewarding.  I now understand how to use all the amazing brushes Erin recommends and which ones to use when.  I notice a HUGE difference in how my face looks each day and I can honestly say at age 47, I am very happy with the results ;-)  "

Thank you Erin for your wisdom, expertise and patience!

-Hedi Steele

"I have found working with Erin invaluable. I basically knew nothing about makeup and she has taught me everything I need to know in a gentle, kind and easy way. I now know how to quickly apply makeup for my normal office day to knowing how to wear makeup when I am making videos or on presenting on a zoom call. Thank you, Erin for knowing just what I needed. I know when someone can make it all seem so effortless that I am with somebody who is a master of their profession and that was my experience of working with Erin.

-Kate Mackinnon

"I love learning with Erin! She matched my skin perfectly with a foundation and concealer (until then I’d been told I’d always have to blend a couple of shades together). She explained my coloring, eye shape and face structure to me in a way I could easily understand. 

Now I know just what to look for when I go to the makeup counter. My everyday routine is elevated, I know how to punch things up for camera and events (hey! they’re different! and not hard!), and my makeup helps me look like a best version of myself, not someone else’s idea of beauty. 

Erin covered everything from product to brushes to serums, how to use them and how to care for them. Like you’d expect from a true professional, Erin knows a wide range of lines, and recommends the products that are best for me. My “kit” is small, diverse, and mighty.

Erin has a gentle demeanor, is a really clear communicator, and has a terrific sense of humor. Working with Erin is therapeutic. I highly recommend her lessons!"

Robyn Scherr CMT CST-D Co-founder of Touch Advocates 

Craniosacral Therapy • Living in the Body



"Erin really helped me understand how to select the right foundation and color as well as great tips on contouring and eyeliners. I learned a lot to polish up my basic skills and she provided some pointers on which brushes are most effective as well as how to improve my overall look by using sponge blenders. Her online format works really well! Thanks Erin, we’ll do some more sessions in the future."  

-Lana Lee LeSoleau

"Erin is a phenomenal mentor. I was fortunate to take private classes with her. She taught me about skin undertones, shade selection, foundation application, and highlight\contour. I was introduced to different tools used like brushes compared to sponges. She provided an interactive, one-on-one experience by having me replicate the makeup she did on my face, on her! I was also shown techniques using eyeshadow, eyeliner, and individual false lashes. Her professionalism and sanitary practices are outstanding. The online format she uses is highly informative, I recommend it. I look forward to working with her again in the future!"

-Jessica Madera

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